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Oyo State Youth President, others visit Welfare Secretary


By Abass Adebayo

Oyo State Qaid (President), Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Bro Muftau Hussein, has led six- executive members to visit the State Welfare Team Leader, Bro Hassan Aroyehun on 26th December, 2019.

The visitation was mainly done to appreciate the doggedness and indefatigable efforts of the state welfare team leader.

Speaking at the visitation, the State Qaid, Bro Muftau Hussein emphasized that it’s necessary he mentioned members who are working tirelessly towards the success of the organization as explained by the Holy Prophet (saw) that “he cannot be grateful to his Lord, he who is ungrateful to man.”

He continued that the welfare disposition to the welfare team leader is a form of gratefulness.

Furthermore, he said though the delegation had brought no materials to be presented as a reward, Allah Who has all the materials needed for man to live his life, knows the best way to reward his servants, prayed that Allah reward him abundantly and grant him pure provision.

Responding, the welfare leader, Bro Hassan Aroyehun expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the visitation as he prayed that Allah be with everyone.

In his remarks, Aba Alaamu Jama’at President, Bro. Mujeeb Oniyide, who joined the state delegation, contributed that it’s a sheer privilege to be a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, while emphasizing that every member should be ready to serve the Jama’at in all ramifications.

He explained that as a member of Ahmadiyya Youth Organization, we should not be relaxed. Rather, we should work selflessly towards fulfilling and helping the course of the existence of the Jama’at. Since it’s our pledge that we shall give priority to faith over worldly matters, he said, we should also be mindful of what we send forth for the morrow.



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