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170 Ahmadi male kids attend kids camp across Ibadan District


No fewer than 170 members of Ahmadi male kids (Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya) have attended male kids camp held across 13 Localities at Ibadan District, between 24th and 26th January, 2020.

Ibadan District Ahmadi Muslim Youths Organisation (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) leader directed all Ahmadi youths Localities leaders to organise Ahmadi male kids (Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya) camp for the purpose of developing children moral and spiritual knowledge.

2 Atfal, 1 handler was recorded at Agbokojo, 7 Atfal, 6 Handlers at Anfani, 26 Atfal, 3 Handlers, ag Asaka, 23 Atfal, 4 Handlers, at Asipa, 10 Atfal, 2 Handlers, at Ehin Grammar, 8 Atfal, 1 handler, Felele, 14 Atfal, 3 Handlers at Imalefalafia, 10 Atfal, 1 Handler, at Keulere, 15 Atfal, 2 Handlers, at Kobomoje/Oke Oluokun, 27 Atfal, 4 Handlers, at Liberty, 7 Atfal, 2 Handlers, at Odo Ọba, 13 Atfal, 3 Handlers, Oke Ado, and 8 Atfal, 1 Handler at Oke seni, was recorded respectively.

A total number of 170 male kids (Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya), 33 Handlers and 4 supervisor were recorded to have attended this program.


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