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MKAN Mulk graduates 23 Khuddam amidst Jama’at dignitaries


The Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria has graduated 23 National Officers who clocked 40 years on or before October this year to Majlis Ansarullah.

The graduation ceremony was held on Sunday, 19th December, 2021 at the MKAN Secretariat, Ojokoro in their honour with some dignitaries of the Jama’at in attendance.

In his remarks, the Missionary-in-Charge, Maulvi Afzal Rauf Sahib reminded all Khuddam to always check themselves day and night with a view to monitoring what they are sending forth for the morrow.

While encouraging Khuddam to increase their Taqwa (righteousness) in this age, the Chairman of the occasion also dissuaded them from participating in bribery, corruption and other social evils in that they could injure their souls.

In his own comments, the Sadr, Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Engr Abdul Waheed Adeoye urged the attendees to always do their best when carrying out Jama’at activities, saying that the reward would come when they least expected.

According to him, the Jama’at needed good people to manage it effectively and efficiently. Hence, he urged Majlis members to be conscious of whom they choose as their life partners.

Meanwhile, Engr Adeoye put it to the Khuddam if they could boast of training the Atfal effectively as they did to their trainers. He said the Khuddam should do more in the training of the Atfal so that they could succeed them perfectly.

Before he ended his speech, he appointed the immediate past Sadr, Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria (MKAN), Dr Taofeeq Sanni as the new Qaid Umumi (General Secretary) of Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria.

Pa Abdul Wahab Matepo, in his remarks, maintained that the progress in all auxiliary bodies of the Jama’at should be continuous irrespective of who emerged as the leader, saying that if they didn’t suffer then to purchase this MKAN Secretariat land, Majlis Khuddam wouldn’t have this big building on it.

The Assistant General Secretary of the Jama’at also admonished all Khuddam that whenever they had an opportunity to serve, they should serve satisfactorily.

He didn’t forget to remind everyone that cooperation of all officers at local, district, state and national level with Circuit Amila members was key towards moving the Jama’at to greater heights.

The present Sadr, MKAN, Bro Abdur-Roqeeb Akinyemi stressed that it was important to dedicate our lives for God’s activities so that we reap the blessings in this life and hereafter as Suratul Hashr (Chapter 59) explains in verse 19.

He also said, quoting a hadith of the Prophet, that when you are a youth, then use your youthful age for the growth and development of Islam. Then, every believer, according to him, should fear two periods of life: the period you have spent and the period you are going to spend.

While the Sadr was urging all Majlis members to expend their wealth, time, honour and knowledge for the spread of Islam, he also reminded them to do a self assessment of what they have done with a view to correcting the present situations and getting greater future.

Pa Aina Saheed, the former Qaid Umumi, Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria said whatever we put forward is what people would talk about us, just as he charged all attendees to adopt and emulate good morals. According to him, Mulk officers should be role models at their Muqamaat and Dil’at.

He said that Majlis members should be conscious of their intentions amidst struggles to win the pleasure of Allah, noting that members wouldn’t regret if their faiths were strengthened through good deeds.

Dr Sanni Taofeeq remarked that every Majlis member should make good use of the opportunity he had while serving the Khuddam, stressing that if a Khadim served the Jama’at well, he would be given a position of leadership even at his work place.

Urging Majlis members not to relent on their efforts, the former Sadr said members should continue to build themselves and strive to get to the peak of their careers as advised by the present Huzur (atba) when he came to Nigeria.

He also reiterated that members shouldn’t allow worldly pursuits to disturb their Jama’at activities, while encouraging them to learn to combine two or more endeavours at a time owing to our God-given nature.

Bro Jamiu Abdul Quadri, representing all graduating Khuddam, also urged Khuddam members to remain focused and resolute towards achieving a course, noting that “no retreat, no surrender” has always been his philosophical statement.

The longest-serving Mulk officer also admonished members not to allow heart weakness or difficult situations to dampen their spirits towards achieving a course of action.


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