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Omi Adio Dil’a visits Aged members, honours former Sadr, others


On 10th February, 2017, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi Adio Dil’a visited some dedicated elders in the Jama’at, who have served the community all their lives, to give them sense of belongings.

Pa. Fatai Alabi from Oke-Oloro Jama’at was among those visited. About five years ago, this very aged Ansarullah members lost his sight, and as a result, could not participate in Jama’at activities anymore. Almost two years after losing his sight, he was still fond of standing by the window of his sitting room or at his backyard calling people to wake for fajr prayer.
Also, the welfare team, led by the Dil’a Qaid, Bro.Abdul Mujeeb Apooyin, paid a visit to Alh. Uthman Olanipekun Badmus, who was once a veteran Tabligh instrument to Ahmadiyya Jama’at, Nigeria, till old age tied him to his house.

During interactions with him, he asserted that what used to be his fear that deteriorating physical condition would stop his Daa-hilallah tour is really hitting him hard. He advised members of the Majlis Khuddam to develop innermost acumen for Tabligh activities. Two other aged visited were: Mama Y. Sarumi, also blind and Pa. Sanusi, a stroke survivor from Orisunbare Jama’at.
In another development, the Dil’a also honoured both the former Sadr, MKAN, Bro. Abdul Rafi’ Abdul Quadir and the present Sadr, Bro. Saheed Aina, with presentation of award plaques and bid the former farewell to the community of elders in the Jama’at. Bro. Aina was ably represented by Naib Sadr, SouthWest.

Other notable dignitaries honoured include: Fattah Apooyin; Dr Abdul Lateef Omoyele; Alh. Abdul Bro. Daud Dikko, former Oyo Ilaqa Qaid; Bro. Abdul Hakeem Shittu, former Naib Qaid, Oyo; Bro. Qaseem Falade, former Omi Adio Dil’a Qaid and former MKAN members graduating to the fold of Majlis Ansarullah.



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