Home MKAN Non-Ahmadi Scholar extols Ahmadiyya as MKAN SouthWest Visits Him

Non-Ahmadi Scholar extols Ahmadiyya as MKAN SouthWest Visits Him

Non-Ahmadi Scholar extols Ahmadiyya as MKAN SouthWest visits him
Non-Ahmadi Scholar extols Ahmadiyya as MKAN SouthWest visits him


The prominent non-Ahmadi Scholar, Imam Lere Yusuf Muib, has extolled Ahmadiyya and Majlis Khuddam as MKAN SouthWest Region paid him a courtesy visit at his residence, Aratumi Kelebe, Osogbo on 18th February, 2017.

In his welcome address, the prominent Imam spoke about why Ahmadis are being attacked. He said: “I wondered why war against the Ahmadis – why wars. I have read a lot of books against the Ahmadi or Qadianis. There, I knew that the wars are political. Political in the sense that the expectations of the Imam-ul-Ghaib, that is, the Imam that went into hidden that people are expecting at the end of the time, was not supposed to be from India, by the Arabs. So they were very surprised just like Israelites were not expecting Prophet Muhammad among the Arabs. So the Arabs were not expecting Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be nothing but an Arab. Then, the economy aspect of it is the thought that people may turn the birth place of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the centre of pilgrimage in opposition to Makkah.”

He continued: “I read a lot of books against the Ahmadis. I have not read any single book in support of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I was thinking today that if you come I would ask you to give me any book that deals with the history of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad so that I read it myself.”

The Imam tolled Ahmadiyya’s interpretation of Khataman Nabiyyin: “If you read ‘loga’ (linguistic), you would understand the meaning of Khataman Nabiyyin. When you say Muhammad is the seal of prophets – What is a seal? Something like stamp, to stamp. So any one who come without the seal of Muhammad is not a true prophet. So Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came along with the seal of Muhammad because he was a follower of Muhammad.”

On Ahmadiyya being the best sect in Islam, he spoke: “I could see a lot of good things in Ahmadiyya. Like I was telling my son, no religion organization or Muslim society that is so organized and well-arranged like your organization. You cannot get to a place where you would see the youths in Islam of today like this, apart from the Ahmadis. You say you want to see youths in the same uniform, same mind, hardly would you see that because every youth has become, in fact, a problem to the religion of Islam.”

He continued: “If we all read well and reason, we are all supposed to be Ahmadis. There is no one among your opponents that can say he actually read the allegation against you. All antagonism was based on hearsay. They were and are suffering from ignorance.

“I so much love that your slogan: Love for all, hatred for none, because that is Islam. I am more than a scholar that anyone can challenge for hosting the Ahmadiyya in my residence. Be expecting my children among you. I had already handed one of my daughters over to you. I have told them all that it is Ahmadiiya they should joined.
“When you are talking of neat sect, it is Ahmadiyya. You are so neat. It is Ahmadiyya that suited the verse 6 of chapter 98 (Siratul Bayyinah). If you are talking those who hold onto Qur’an and Ahadith – it is Ahmadiyya, he explained”

The Imam charged members of Majlis and all Ahmadi to read a lots. “When I came to your recent program at Osogbo, I found that you have competent Missionaries. When they gave commentary on Khatam Nabiy, many students from university joined your fold that day.

“This sect was not founded on ignorance. Don’t you know number of books Mirza Ghulam wrote? Likewise are his followers and all your Khulafau. They were and are revered scholars and authors. I want to charge you to read always. The more you read, the more your intellect is broaden.”

The Imam concluded with heart rendering prayers for the Majlis: “Alhamdulilah that Allah has raised you, and has made you what you are today. I pray, Allah continue to be with you, make you a successful sect both in this world and the next to come. I pray Allah, to reward you with huge wealth, and steadfast in faith that you would continue to worship Him till the end of your life. I pray that you become the governors, the president of this nation, so that you can use what you have read from Quran and learnt from Muhammad to ameliorate the situation of this country.”
The Naib Sadr, SouthWest, Dr. Sanni Taofeeq, on behalf of MKAN thanked the Imam for his accolade on Ahmadiyya and MKAN, and his words of encouragement. He explained the organizational structure of Ahmadiyya to him and verbally invited him to MKAN Ijtema 2017.
32 members of SouthWest Region Aamila and other members made the visit.


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