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Ibafo Muqami honours graduated members


Appreciating the commitment and selflessness of members who graduated to Majlis Ansarullah, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ibafo Muqami has organized a send-forth this month to extol their contributions and stewardship.

Ojodu Circuit President, Alhaji Abdul Hakeem Arowosere; Ibafo Jama’at President, Pa A.G Alabi; Ojodu Dil’a Qaid, Bro Abdul Roqib Akinyemi ably represented by Naib Qaid and other notable Jama’at members attended the  event.

In his speech, the Circuit President advised the brothers not to see their graduation as a stage of indolent, but to increase the spirit of ‘’struggle continues’’. He fervently prayed to God to bless them with good health to enable them discharge their responsibilities in the way of their Creator.

The graduated members, which comprise four former Muqami Officers and two other members, include Bro Ibrahim Ojediran, former Qaid; Bro. Safau Ajao, former Naib Qaid; Bro Musa Alayande, former Tabligh Secretary; Bro Rafiu Ameen, former Sanat-O-Tijarat, Bro Tajudeen Omope and Bro Abdur Raheem Teslim.

Bro Ibrahim Ojediran on behalf of his colleagues thanked Ibafo Muqami members for the honour and appreciation as he encouraged others to always be guided by the Majlis pledge.


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