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Jami’a Visit: Amir admonishes students on good food, health


Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria, Dr Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, on 30th March, 2017, admonished the joint students of Jami’a Mubashireen, Ahmadiyya Science College and Madrasatul Tahfizul Qur’an to cultivate eating of lawful and pure foods, saying that unlawful foods consumed is a device brought by Dajjal to misguide people from the right way.

Speaking to the students at Jami’a on his courtesy visit, Amir explained that Allah has commanded believers to eat good things that He has provided for them and give thanks to Allah if it is Him they serve as contained in Q2: 72.

He continued that God has forbidden animals which die of itself, blood and flesh of swine, and that over which any other (name) than (that of) Allah has been invoked; but whoever is driven to necessity, not desiring, nor exceeding the limit, no sin shall be upon him; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

In addition, Amir said the food we eat affect our behaviours. For example, a person that consumes meat a lot tends to become wild but a person that eats vegetable become gentle.

Meanwhile, he highlighted some dangerous foods to be avoided: smoked food i.e. fish because it causes cancer; burnt and processed food meat of animals that graze around the street because they take in smoke of vehicles already passed into the grass which is harmful; white flour due to processes it passes through canned tomatoes; potato fried cheeps; hydrogenated oil and microwaves popcorn.

Amir, admonishing people to consume certain foods as solutions, said that constant eating of same food should be avoided; egg should be consumed 2 or 3 times a week; one should eat raw food, this does not mean one should start consuming raw food but preferably boiled food; too much boiling of food is not preferable as this reduces the nutrients needed. For example, beans should be put into water overnight and boiled a little after; corn has carbohydrate and protein which are useful for the body but when the covering is removed, it reduces the minerals needed; onion is good for memory; fruits consumption because they are anti-cancer; farming of vegetables and fruits; planting of pawpaw, watermelon, banana, cucumber, orange and planting of bitter leaf, plantain and plantation.



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