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Liberty Muqami visits DPO, holds Atfal/Nasrat ICT Training


To get familiar with the police and its work force, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Liberty Muqami has paid a courtesy visit to the Divisional Police Officer, Joyce B Police Division, DSP Mikail on 21st March, 2017.

The Qaid, Bro. Taofeeq Badejo, who led the team, explained in his opening remarks the purpose of the visit and highlighted some of the Majlis programmes both locally and nationally for the benefits of the community.

The DPO appreciated the programmes especially the one that has to do with prevention of crime. He also gave his professional advice and reaffirmed that his door is always opened for whatever assistance we might need from him.

The Majlis presented some books to him: “World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace”, “2 copies of Review of Religions” and a Jama’at’s calendar.

In the Qaid’s entourage were: Bro Ayandele Saheed, Naib Muhtamin Atfal I; Bro Abdus Salam Abd Rofeeq, Muqami Motamad; Bro Adekunle Qazeem, Muqami Khidmate Khalq Secretary and Bro Adisa Qazeem, Muqami Mal.

In a related development, the Muqami also organized an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Training for 32 Atfal and 41 Nasrat on Thursday 9th March, 2017.

The programme was anchored by Bro Adekunle Qazeem (Kaztech), who took the pain to teach the children in details about the history, types, uses, compositions, components, etc of computer system. The children were so delighted to have such a programme.



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