Home Community Service Ota Dil’a takes STCC to private secondary school

Ota Dil’a takes STCC to private secondary school


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ota Dil’a has taken the Stop the Crime Campaign to Leadway Secondary School, Ota on Wednesday 16th March, 2017 to disabuse the minds of the students against crime and other criminal activities.

Elated to have the 4-man Majlis team led by the Dil’a Qaid in his school for the campaign, the School’s Principal appreciated the gesture. While the speech was being delivered by Dil’a Qaid, Stop the Crime Campaign fliers were distributed to the JSS 1 – SSS 3 students including the Staff.

Also a khadim contributed to the topic, after which some questions were taken from the students. Some group pictures were taken with the students, principal and few of the teachers.


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