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Rivers Ilaqa holds 1st Annual Mini-Ijtema amid scintillating lectures


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Rivers Ilaqa has held its 1st Mini-Ijtema programme between Saturday 11th March and Sunday 12th March, 2017 at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

The programme, declared open by the Port-Harcourt Circuit President, Alhaji Folorunsho, has the theme “Equity, Justice and Good Conscience – the True Creative Principles. It was well attended by member of the Majlis from Owerri and Port-Harcourt Muqami.

In his opening speech, Alhaji Folorunsho enjoined all participants to engage actively throughout its duration and gain new knowledge so as to become better individuals by the end of the programme. Meanwhile, the Ilaqa Qaid, Bro. Sikirulai Braheem, while welcoming the guests and participants, highlighted the objectives of the programme to include the spiritual, social, educational and physical development of Majlis members.

As part of the programme, Missionary Jimoh Aliyu delivered a lecture on “Religion and Religious Movements: Blessings or Curse for Humanity?” He explained that the scripture of all religions preach peaceful, harmonious inter-relationships with mutual respect of one another regardless of race and creed. With quotes from the Quran and other scriptures, he noted that true religious teachings provide pathways to peace and blessings for humanity. Unfortunately, from various observations and happenings around the world, it can be safely concluded that the followers of these religions have largely deviated from the teaching of their scriptures and are found wanting of the high moral standards required of the faith they profess, he said.

On his part, Alhaji Folorunsho, in his lecture on “the Causes of Economic Recession and the lasting Islamic Solutions” described the rise and fall of economic growth as a natural cycle of business in particular and life in general. He identified economic recession as a significant decline in economic activity across all sectors of the economy lasting for more than a few months. The causes were identified to include inability to provide goods and services due to unavailability or high cost of raw materials; inability to sale output of production or services; and sale products or services at unprofitable prices.

Therefore, judging from Islamic point of view, Alhaji Folorunsho enjoined all Nigerians in general and Muslims in particular to trust in Allah; engage in any productive venture and not stay idle; and spend in the way of Allah, as they are part of the pre-established ways out of a recession.

Apart from the lectures, other key highlights of the program includes special prayers, speech contest, Islamic quiz competition, message delivery as well as indoor and outdoor sporting activities.

Declaring the program close, the Port-Harcourt Circuit President, Alhaji Folorunsho congratulated the Majlis for putting the program together and re-energizing the Khuddam within the circuit towards their responsibilities, especially in this period when the youths are expected to take up more active roles in steering the nation with creative principles. He further charged the Majlis to maintain the course and increase the tempo.



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