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Ibafo Muqami organizes Public Lecture


Responding to the spiritual needs of the community, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ibafo Muqami has organised a public lecture on 29th July, 2017 to educate parents, guardians and prospective parents on the need to be aware of their responsibilities in raising delightful and God-fearing children.

The public lecture, which is titled “Responsibilities of Parents in Raising Delightful and God-fearing Children”, was held at Magada Estate owing to notorious activities being perpetrated by some youths in the area.

The Guest Lecturer, Muallim Abdul Fattah Edun did a thorough justice to the subject matter. He challenged the parents to always be conscious of their conducts because they are like mirror to their children.

While commenting, the Chief Imam of Magada Estate appealed to Jama’at to be organising the lecture on weekly basis as feedbacks from other residents were quite encouraging.

Meanwhile, 10 Ansarullah, 22 Khuddam, 9 Lajna Imaillah, 6 Nasrat, 4 Atfal and 59 Non-members attended the public lecture.


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