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Omi Adio Dil’a holds Public Lecture, Community Works


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi Adio Dil’a, to further strengthen the propagation of Islam and Ahmadiyya, held its monthly public lecture on 1st July, 2017at Oke-Oloro Area, Omi Adio Community.

Distinguished Ustadh Sheriff Akinyemi was the guest lecturer who talked on the “Signs of Latter Days and the Second Coming of Hadrat Isa (as)”.

The lecture, done between 8:10pm and 10:30pm, had in attendance 87 people across Majlis Khuddam, Ansarullah, Lajna Imahillah and two (2) non-Ahmadi.

Equally displayed during the lecture was the “Ask Me About Islam” stand, solely for the benefits of truth seekers. Though the stand has been launched since the Dil’a June Ramadan lecture, it has been scheduled for continuous display because it’s not once and for all initiative. During this monthly lecture, the stand was patronized by three (3) people.

In another development, the Dil’a embarked on community development work which involves digging of blocked drainage of over 100 metres, arrangement of sand-filled bags to align the damaged part and filling of potholes closed to the work site.

Three community youths and one elderly person, impressed by the selfless service of the Majlis, joined in accomplishing the task. 25 members participated in the exercise.


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