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Tree Planting: Owode Dil’a plants 14 trees


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Owode Dil’a has launched its tree planting campaign between 10th and 11th June, 2017 with the presence of Circuit President, Alhaji M.G. Ojuola.

The first set of trees were planted at Ipokia Local Government Primary School, Ojuroko, Idiroko while the second sets were planted at Ipokia Town Hall, Ipokia.

Those who planted the trees includes Alhaji Ojuola, Muhtamin Tabligh, Bro Ismail Abdur Raheem, Dil’a Qaid, Bro Ibraheem Tijani and Headteacher, Ipokia LG Primary School, Mrs Oyelade.

Meanwhile, Isale-Oro, Owode and Idiroko Muqameen have started their tree planting at various locations as other Muqameen are making plans to do same.


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