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Sadr, Muhasib attend Germany Jalsa


Sadr, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria, Engr Saheed Aina and the Muhasib, Bro. Abdur Rahman Musa attended Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Germany Jalsa Salana 2017 held between 25th and 27th August, 2017.

Among places visited include: Baitul Subur Mosque, Frankfurt; MTA International and German Studios at Jalsa Gah; Jamia Ahmadiyya, Deutschland; Welmer Park and Germany National Museum Building at Frankfurt.

Besides, the MKAN Representatives also met son (Usama Qureshi) of one time Amir and Missionary-in- Charge of Nigeria, Maulvi Qureshi, presented with a gift of glazed Masih Minaret, partook in the event of raising the Jama’at and country flag on Saturday and Sunday respectively, attended the Nikah of one of the Jamia students conducted by Huzur on 28th August, 2017, met a man (Fahem Nasir) who said he spent 10 years in Nigeria before relocating to Germany with his family and spoke well of Maulvi Abdur Rasheed Agboola, met with the Sadr MKA Deutschland in his office and discussed bilateral relations between the two Majlis. He shared their challenges and the strategies they are adopting in dealing with them and met with the Amir, Germany, Abdullah Wagausher, who explained the 100-mosque project, a task given to them by the fourth Khalifah – to be building four mosques yearly. According to him, they have been able to build 56 mosques and still counting.

Notable among Amir’s advice is the utilization of Nigeria’s Jalsa Gah for Agriculture between January and November prior to December period. The Sadr MKA Nigeria also presented the AYAAG photobook to him.

The Sadr MKA Nigeria was taken round the facilities of the MTA international and MTA German studios in Jalsa Gah Karlsruhe, from the cameras, graphics and control rooms. He shared his concerns especially with the delay in airing Nigeria’s AYAAG events after more than a year. Both countries also discussed how they can have cross-fertilization of ideas especially with respect to the graphics’ capability of MKAN Isha’at Department.

Meanwhile, at the premises of Baitul Suboor Mosque sited the Khuddam Complex. This complex houses the office of the Sadr, Hasanat Ahmad, the Mulk and State Officers. All property of the Majlis were also kept there. The Nigeria’s Representatives also checked out the Mal and Muhasib Offices in the complex and noted that the only paid Majlis staff works in this department. The Ahmadiyya Information Management System (AIMS) is the software that is used to process all transactions in the system.



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