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Six Radio Stations air AMSA AHIC events

Six Radio Stations air AMSA AHIC events
Six Radio Stations air AMSA AHIC events

No fewer than six Radio Stations across the South-West States have aired the Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, Annual Higher Institution Convention Sports events live between 1st and 6th November, 2017.

The efforts, which was credited to the Sports Committee, ensured that the sports competitions were broadcast live on Amuludun, Premier, Gold, Positive, Paramount and Ekiti Progress FM Radio Stations.

Besides, the event featured sports analysis exercise where all the news were critically analysed by AMSA members in the form of Radio programme on Thursday, 2nd November, 2017.

Football, athletics, dart, scrabble and arm wrestling are some of the events the students competed in.

The highlight of the programme is the novelty match between the present National Executive and the past Executive held at Abadina Basic Primary School, University of Ibadan.  The Match ended 1 nil in favour of the present Executive. The goal came from Bro Ajibike Abdullah in the second half of the Game. Trophy was lifted by the winning team and medals were presented to both teams.

The event had following dignitaries in attendance: Sadr MKAN, Engr Saheed Aina; Sadr, Lajna Imaillah, Nigeria, Dr Basirat Dikko; Dr Saheed Timehin; Prof. Abdur Rahman Abdullah; Akinyele Circuit Amila and Shola Ayegbajeje, Radio Nigeria Sports News Broadcaster, among others.

In another development, the Rishtanata session centred on AMSA members who are viewed to be marriageable but are still single.

Dr Taofeeq Sanni, Naib Sadr, Southwest, who anchored the session, highlighted the pre-requisites for marriage: Maturity in terms of male and female secondary sexual characteristics; according to Nigerian constitution, one must be 18 years and above and for man, the pocket is one of the factors, he must earn at least #18,000 a month. If these conditions are met, then one is fit for marriage.

Encouraging the students generally, Dr Sanni said “he married last 10 years when he was in 500l (as a medical student) and as AMSA President of his school, big courses shouldn’t disturb you from marriage, Your readiness for Nikkah is very important, the Testosterone (for male) and oestrogen (for female) differs from one person to another and so the sexual urge and as a guy it’s normal for you to run after girls, if you’re not doing this, you’re not normal, this is the stage to do so, one must just learn how to control himself.

He continued: “for male, it’s true that beauty and shape of a lady can be one of the things that attracts one in a lady but remember the beauty and shapes do not last, they fade with time, for ladies, a guy who comes to woo you (after you’ve been in a relationship) is always better than your fiance in your eyes but don’t leave your fiance for the newcomer because you’ll find someone better later, ladies should to look at prospects and religions in men rather than only materialism, be faithful to your fiance and always pray for them especially for your future marriage and you shouldn’t sacrifice your religious values for the social ones when it comes to marriage.


Reported by Yusuff Oyebamiji



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