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Owode District takes STC to Ahmadiyya School


To practice the Yoruba saying “Charity begins at home”, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Owode Dil’a has taken its stop the crime campaign to Fazl-i-Omar Model College, Owode Yewa, Along Owode-Ilaro Road, Ogun on 8th March, 2018 to discourage the students from perpetrating crimes and criminal activities.

The programme was anchored by a seasoned lecturer, Barr. Rotimi Akinwande, of Rotimi Akinwande & Co Firm at Ojodu-Berger Area of Lagos, who schooled the students on the topic “Youth and Criminal Acts: Secondary School as a Case Study”.

Barrister Akinwande emphasised the importance of balancing religion and education, quoting the Duke of Wellington, “educate men without religion and you make them clever devils”.

At this juncture, he implored the school management to not hesitate to sack any teacher who fails to balance the two according to the school setting, because, he said, if we do not, we will only live to experience the grand finale of all what we are seeing now.

Afterwards, he talked about major crimes, minor crimes and misdemeanor, saying all carries different punishments according to the constitution of the country. In fact, he explained the distinction between Robbery and Stealing, saying, robbery is dispossessing someone, forcefully, with their knowledge, while stealing is dispossessing someone without their knowledge.

The second lecturer, Muallim AbdurRasheed Aliu Omolade, gave a power point presentation prepared by MKAN Mulk on stop the crime campaign.

Comments were made by Pa Ademoye, Owode Jama’at President and Pa Olawole Tajudeen, former Owode Dil’a Qaid on the significance of the campaign.

(By Mikail Sulaiman)



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