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Tabligh: Kaduna Majlis, Jama’at Members visit Zaria’s Sarkin Yarbawa


As part of effort to enlighten the public about the true Islam and correct the misconceptions against Ahmadiyya Community, members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Zaria in collaboration with Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Kaduna State have visited Zaria’s Sarkin Yarbawa (Oba Yoruba), Barrister Ishaq Bello at his residence.

The visit was based on the request by the Oba who hinted us that he has been hearing series of allegations against the Jama’at. These allegations include: Ahmadis not performing Iqamah and having their own Qur’an, among others.

The Missionary and President took time to explain the teachings of the Jama’at as the State Qaid also used the opportunity to explain to him the structure of the Jama’at’s auxiliary bodies particular the activities of MKAN ranging from tree planting to stop the crime campaign. He was briefed about the recently concluded stop the crime campaign that took place at Alhudahuda College, the venue of the forthcoming Ijtema.

Other activities of MKAN which the state Qaid briefed the Oba include the medical outreach that took place last year at the palace of Emir of Zazzau. This he acknowledged that he saw our banner. He was equally briefed about the activities of Humanity First, the numerous speeches of Huzur to Parliamentarians in different countries of Europe and America, among so many activities of the Jama’at both nationally and internationally.

At the end, the State Qaid gave him a letter of invitation to the forthcoming Ijtema and he promised to be in attendance. He was also informed that members of MKAN Mulk will like to still pay him a visit before Ijtema. Later, the Qaid gave him the Jama’at’s website for further enquiries. He was very pleased with the activities of the Jama’at.

In attendance were Pa J.F. Mustapha, immediate past Ansarullah President; Bro A.R. Fasasi, Jama’at President; Missionary Ishaq Abdullah, Zaria Muqami Qaid; Bro. Abbas Olagunju and State Qaid, Br. Mustapha Taufiq.



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