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Economic Summit: Okerube Locality empowers members


To empower Majlis members economically, financially, morally and spiritually, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Okerube Muqami has held an Economic Summit on 4th March, 2018 to enlighten them on possible measures to adopt for liberation without compromising moral uprightness.

The Summit, tagged “Achieving the Best of Both Worlds”, was divided into two – economic/moral and practical in which different speakers were invited to discuss the issues extensively.

Bro Badmus Shuaib, Arch. Smith Lasbath and Muallim AbdusSalam Salam Nafiu spoke on economic/moral segment while Bro Idris Jamiu and Bro Saheed Adeleye spoke on Practical segment.

On economic/moral segment, the speakers expatiated on roles to play to achieve the best of both worlds, dealing with people with utmost sincerity, treat people friendly and advised participants to diversify their sources of income, embrace ICT as part of the tools which needs small income to succeed, incorporate western education and training in their various jobs.

However, moral segment was handled by Muallim AbdusSalam Nafiu, Alimosho Circuit Missionary, who advised participants to recognize Almighty Allah as theirĀ  paramount objective in life, follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (saw), always be upright in five pillars of Islam, gloss over their failures and seek Allah’s guidance on the way forward, understand our purpose of coming to this world, believe that there is no hurdle to prevent them from succeeding in life, believe that everything is possible with adequate steadfastness, and the most important thing is to write letters to Huzur (atba) for guidance and prayers.

Bro Idris Jamiu and Bro Saheed Adeleye, who facilitated the second segment, educated members on the usage of the following Microsoft packages: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

9 Majlis members participated while Ansarullah and Lajna members also attended.

(By Saheed Lekan)


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