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Prize Giving Day: Iresa Adu Muqami rewards Atfal, Nasrat


To reward the academic and religious excellence of children, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Iresa Adu Muqami has held its first Prize Giving Day on 4th March, 2018 where it gave gifts to the Atfal and Nasrat.

The event was attended by Ikoyi-ile /Ogbomoṣọ Circuit President, Pa. Jimoh Oseni; Alhaji A. Ghaniyy Olaleye; Circuit Missionary, Muallim A.Waheed Oladipupo; Dil’a Qaid, Muallim A. Salam A. Fatir; other notable members and parents.

Qur’an and Quiz competitions were held in which students from Ogbomoṣọ Science College participated and went home with good prizes.

Non-Ahmadi parents were also present at this glorious event and comments from guests were also commendable as a soul inspiring lecture was delivered by an amiable speaker, Muallim A. Waheed Oladipupo on the topic “Hadrat Musleh Maud: The Great Mentor”.

(By Adetona Ridwanullah Adeshola)



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