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Sadr MKAN tours Ogun State


It was with a heartfelt euphoria that Ogun Ilaqa Qaid, Bro Ibrahim Idris, welcomed the Sadr, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Engr. Saheed Aina to Ogun State recently.

Ahead of his scheduled tour around the whole of Ogun state, during which he visited the elders of the Jama’at in the various circuits of Ogun State.

He was welcomed by the waiting team staged at Ota, led to the Ahmadiyya Mosque, Ilata, Ota, Ogun state, where he observed the Jumat service.

After the Jumat service, he met with the elders of Ota Circuit, including, Pa Dada, the Circuit President and others.

He had a talk with Ota Dil’a members, where questions were raised and answers given.

He then left the school to visit Pa Shoboyede in his house, where he advised that Majlis should uphold morals and help the passive members with good words.

Then, the Sadr and his entourage headed to Owode Circuit, where the team eventually spent the night. During the stay, Sadr addressed the Owode Dil’a Khuddam on marriage (Rishtanata).

On Saturday, the tour team headed to Ilaro Circuit and visited Hafizah and Hafiz Class, Jamia Students and the principal of Jamiatul-Mubashireen, Maulvi Nadeem Ahmad.

Then, Sadr met with the Elders of Ilaro Circuit. He left Ilaro for Imeko-Afon and Ayetoro Circuit where he visited His Royal Majesty, Ọba Busari Àlàmú Adetona, Orimadegun-Keta, Oba Laadi Of Afon. Still at Afon, the Sadr was welcomed with a mouthful numbers of Atfal and Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ayetoro Circuit.

While the tour continues at Abeokuta, where Sadr was hosted by Missionary Alaka, and Abeokuta Circuit Missionary, Muallim Sobur Kolade and Abeokuta Circuit President. From there, Sadr demands the team to head Ijebu North, Ijebu East and Ijebu Central, where he met with Maulvi Aliu Jimoh Giwa, Ogun State Missionary, Alh. Adewale Shitu, Circuit President, Engr M. A Ali, Ogun State Chairman, Circuit President’s Forum and others.

On Sunday, Sadr attended the concluding session of Ogun State Amila Meeting where he took the opportunity to address Remo Khuddam and others from various Dilaat. During the meeting, the Remo Dil’a presented an award of excellence to Sadr. There, Sadr paid visitation to Mrs O. Jemilat Gbadebo, Lajna President, Remo Muqami and the Chief Imam, Remo Land, Fadhilat Sheikh Abdul Quadri Jinadu.

Sadr’s entourage includes: Dr Taofeek Sanni, Naib Sadr Southwest; Bro. Ahmed Bello, Muhtamin Mal; Bro Musa Rahman, Muhasib; Bro Fashina Idris, Muavin Sadr II and Bro. Idowu Sodiq, Naib Mutamad I.



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