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Oyo District takes Tree Planting to 3 Schools, plants 105


By Lawal Hameed

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Oyo District has taken the tree planting exercise to three different schools across the state to enlighten pupils and teachers on the significance of protecting the environment and preservation of trees for the purpose of creating a healthy environment.

The event, in commemoration of this year’s World Environment Day, was held on 5th June, 2018 at L.A. Community Town Hall School, Idi Ope, Oyo, where 12 trees were planted, Blessing International Group of School, Oyo where 90 trees were planted and Morning Star Group of School, Oyo where 3 trees were planted.

The event was graced by Dil’a Qaid, Bro. Salam Abdul Hakeem and Missionary Ojoye Abdul Kabir, among others.

In his address, the Dil’a Qaid enlightened the students that life of man is threatened when we continue cutting down trees without planting a new tree. This is because, in addition to other physical importance, trees improve the quality of air, remove unwanted substance and reduce the effects of global warming.

The Principal, L.A. Community Town School, Mrs M.C. Ojo, while speaking, showered encomiums on Khuddam and advised the youths not to relent in their voluntary work and community services, assuring them of good nurturing of all the trees planted in the school.

Meanwhile, the Proprietor, God’s Blessing International School, Mr. Oyetunde Abdul-Wahab, showered encomium on Ahmadi Muslim Youth, Oyo and assured that his school would like to partner with the Muslim Youth in future for environmental and community services while assuring the youths of good nurturing of all the planted trees in the school premises.

The Environmental Department of the schools and the students volunteered to join the Majlis in planting of the trees.


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