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Communique: MKA-Nigeria National Workshop 2018


The programme was declared open by the former Sadr (President) of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria, Bro Abdur Rafi’ Abdul Quadri on Friday 22nd June, 2018 at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Headquarters, Ojokoro, Lagos State.

The workshop was attended by a total of three hundred and five (305) participants. Participants cut across sixteen (10) states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • to discuss the causes of insecurity challenges confronting the nation, the effects and the solutions in the light of moral reformation;
  • to orientate the youths on how their change of attitude morally could go a long way in preventing crime, securing the people and community and nipping the insecurity problems the country is tackling;

  • to afford the youths from different platforms and backgrounds the opportunity to meet and interact with a view to collaborating together in business networking and entrepreneurial development;
  • to motivate youths to live a decent and righteous life by ensuring a deep connection between our utterances and actions; and
  • to educate members with practicable knowledge they can apply to make money with less hassles and few shortcomings.

The theme of the Workshop is “Standing on a Moral Ground”. Topics delivered at the workshop included:

  • Morality: The Essence of the Coming of the Promised Messiah (as)
  • Integrity and Trustworthiness in Business Dealings
  • Unity of our Actions and Utterances
  • Contemporary Security Challenges: Crime Prevention and Moral Regeneration
  • Contemporary Security Challenges: Effective Strategies to Securing Self and Community
  • Standing on a Moral Ground: Attaining Lasting Success
  • Health Talk: Stress and Healthy Living
  • Books Review on Noah’s Ark, Ways of the Seekers and Life Supreme

The lectures were delivered by learned personalities and members of MKAN from across Nigeria through oral presentations and discussions.

The Workshop also discussed the security challenges facing the country through panel discussions on the platform called MKA Nigeria Security Summit coupled with face-to-face interaction and facilitation between the Professionals in different fields and Majlis members.

Activities at the Workshop included educational and sports events which encouraged participants to interact with other participants from other states. The activities are as follow:

Group Discussion: Members of the Majlis participated in discussing the topics which affect the economic, moral and spiritual development of the three designated groups – Employed, Unemployed/Students and Artisans.

Environmental Sanitation: Members of the Majlis participated in environmental sanitation at the venue of the Workshop.

Physical Exercise: Members of the Majlis also participated in physical exercise and training during the Workshop.


Among the key observations at the end of the 3-day Workshop are:

  • that there are cases of security challenges affecting every household, community and society at large;
  • that governments at all levels are not winning the fight against insecurity despite the huge amount of fund being spent;
  • that no society in the world is free of crime. Meanwhile, under-developed and developing countries are fraught with high level of crime rate;
  • that living an unwholesome and ostentatious life is a threat to security challenges Nigeria is facing;

  • that the approaches adopted by the government to tackle insecurity are devoid of justice, equity and fair play;
  • that Muslims are miles away in practicing the pristine teachings of Islam;
  • that the society does not promote the right kinds of modelling, does not acknowledge and reward positive values and those perceived as role models in intellectualism are treated as nobody;
  • that parents do not take their primary responsibilities of nurturing the future leaders conscientiously;
  • that despite the roles played by educational institutions in protecting the students from kidnapping, the schools have no reliable and adequate data of their students;

  • that as far as policing is concerned, no individual in the world wants his liberty to be restricted for a minute;
  • that poverty has been a major setback in the fight against human trafficking by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP); and
  • that the society does not help in integrating the inmates who have served their jail terms back to the community in that they still label them as ex-convicts.


After thorough and exhaustive discussions during the Workshop, the participants hereby declare as follows:

  • that government, if determined to achieve success in the fight against insecurity, must tackle it with justice, equity and fair dealing;
  • that every youth must live a life of simplicity and righteousness to create a liberal and lawful society devoid of rancour and prejudice;
  • that the society must acknowledge and reward positive values and right kinds of modelling. Besides, the society should reward intellectual and scholastic endeavours from the youths who are perceived to be role models;
  • that parents should take it as core responsibility the care and training of the children;

  • that all schools should develop a software that will contain adequate and accurate data of their students for reference and security purposes.
  • that government should try as much as possible to reduce the poverty level of youths who may be tempted to involve in kidnapping business owing to high unemployment rate;
  • that every youth should ensure attitudinal changes in him/her so that there is a balance between his words and deeds;

  • that a Muslim who wants to be morally upright should continuously associating with the righteous people;
  • that every individual should be friendly, maintain positive relationships with one’s neighbours, be observant and proactive in reporting in the environment to securing self and community from contemporary security challenges;
  • that everybody should practise some basic security tips and procure few gadgets such as radio, torchlight, etc to minimise the incidence of security breach;
  • that a faithful Muslim should only marry a faithful Muslim lady if both are determined to address the insecurity issue from moral perspective;

  • that prevention of crime is better than fighting crime and criminal activities;
  • that there are factors challenging education in these modern society such as entertainment which makes it difficult for youths to really imbibe the virtues practised by their parents;
  • that Muslims should give birth to children they can take care from their legitimate means; and
  • that Muslims should not expose their children to conditions tantamount to killing them nor abort any pregnancy for fear of societal prejudice.


The participants expressed their sincere appreciation to the leadership of MKAN for this bold initiative at organizing a programme dedicated to addressing security challenges of the country using moral perspective.

We believe that if the issues raised in this communiqué are given serious attention by all concerned, the purpose of the program will be greatly enhanced.


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