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#AhmadiKids2018 Ijtema/IVC – Day 4


By Mikail Sulaiman

In the earliest hours of today, the Majlis Atfal UL Ahmadiyya came out in sparkling white uniform to set out on an excursion, which is part of education. And education, they say, is the best legacy we can give to our children.

The event was overseen by the Naib Sadr Admin, Dr. Ahmad AbdulGaniy, Naib Sadr South West, Dr. Taofeek Sanni, Muhtamin Umumi, Bro. Jamiu Abdul Qadir and over 72 Khuddam present. The children first set out to the Palace of His Royal Majesty, Aláàfin of Oyo, Oba (Dr) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, where they were told the reason why Aláàfin of Oyo is tagged “Ikú baba yeye” (which is because he was at that time the only one in the whole Yoruba kingdom who can pass a death penalty on people).

Children were also shown the earlier prison yard of the Yorùbá kingdom empire. At the palace, they were taken around to see one of the longest living tortoise in Yoruba kingdom which is over 300 years old. The children were also shown the only Supreme Court in the Yorùbá kingdom (Yoruba kingdom include Ìjẹ̀bú, Ifè, Ibadan, Oyo, Òwu, Ẹ̀gbá, Ìjẹ̀sà etc), where judgement is final. The children also get to meet Mrs Paula Gomes of Portugal who has been working for over 10 years at the palace as an agent responsible for the preservation of cultural heritage of the Yorubas.

The Atfal were also told social and cultural lifestyles in the old Oyo empire, one of which is that only the rich can put on footwear and in order to show that the king is more powerful than the rich, they had to put off their footwear rights before entering the palace, and this, according to them, is the reason why people had to put off their footwear before entering the palace. The children had the chance to learn also about revered gods in Yoruba land.

And for a sign of respect, the Majlis Atfal UL Ahmadiyya put off their shoes and sent their warmest regard to the king who had a communal assignment that kept him away from meeting the distinguished guests from Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as).

And as if, it will never end, the Majlis Atfal UL Ahmadiyya set out to the Old Oyo National Park where they were also shown two female Ostriches, skin of the Nile Crocodile, Tortoise, and weapons used in the ancient times.

Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Oyo was part of excursion tour. At the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the Atfal were shown the newsroom where news is gathered and relayed on the network. The Station staff also enlightened the children on what the word ‘news’ symbolized. Which is N-North, E-East, W-West, S-South, meaning that a news agency will bring news across the four-cardinal point of the country, and sometimes the globe to reach viewers at their comfort zone.

After that, the Atfal went to Erelu Dam – the water corporations, Oyo Town. They were also shown the machines used in pumping, calculating the quantity of water being used and the one for purification. The children got the opportunity to know types of water and their colors, the purification process before being released to people to use in the town.

And in summary, the excursions exercise started at 10:30am and children returned back to the venue at exactly 5:10pm in the evening. It was indeed an educative trip round important places in Oyo town and a compliment of courtesy visitation earlier made to Alhaji Moshood Ajokideru, The Chief Imam of Oyo and Arch Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Oyo on Monday 6th August 2016. The visitation to the personalities was led by The State Qaid, Oyo Ilaqa, Bro. Awe AbdulHakeem.

Sporting events resumed back as Ogun Ilaqa shines again as the first team to qualify to the final of this year’s football competition as they smashed 3 goals past Ondo Ilaqa. Ogun will be playing against the hosting State, Oyo Ilaqa which narrowly escaped a goalless fulltime match before a penalty shootout with Osun Ilaqa.   Many already hope to see another scintillating soccer match between the two states, with both teams having a long rivalry football final in Atfal national conventions.

Taekwondo contest continues as Abuja, Lagos show class of talents.

Salat performance competition was also staged for the children at later part of the evening with participants from 7 States. This exercise aimed to educate the children proper way of saying Solat with its etiquettes and prayers to be recited in every posture.

Standby for day 5 update.



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