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Atfal IVC: Ogun State wins Football Competition again


By Sulaiman Mikail

Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun Ilaqa has won the football final of this year 2018 Bi-annual Islamic Vocational Course (IVC).

Ogun State Atfal defeated their counterparts from Oyo State 1-nil in the presence of Naib Sadr (Admin), Naib Sadr SW, State Qaid Ogun and State Qaid Oyo respectively.

It was a beautiful euphoria. Heart beating as people were praying for their team to win.

Afterwards, the Match was kicked off and the panting grow deeper. And every ball towards the goal post was met with wide eyes; some praying that it went over the post while some hoping to see the ball at the back of the net. Time ticks, and exactly some few minutes to the end of the first half, the no 7 jersey of the Ogun Ilaqa team successfully put a goal behind the net from some metres away from the midfield and the chant of ‘goallllllllll’ ruptured through the air.

Every member of the Ogun State supporters jubilated around. And this was all Ogun state needed to break the stalemate and through out the match, the tempo grew stronger.

At the end of the match, Ogun State team was crowned the champion of #AhmadiKids2018 for the last two editions of its kind. The maiden one at Ilorin and now at Oyo.

The two teams embraced themselves and the Oyo coach praised the kids for their healthy match as everyone celebrated with the message ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’.


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