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79 Atfal attend Apata District Atfal Day Celebration


By Awwal Onaade

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata District has organized Atfal Day Celebration as 79 members attended the event held at the Palms Shopping Mall, Ring-Road, Ibadan.

The Atfals, dressed in their sparkling white uniforms, were conveyed to the mall from Apata Central Mosque.

The Apata Circuit President, Alh Teslim Oniyide, in his welcome address eulogised the Dil’a for organizing the event for the kids, while advising the kids to be of good and worthy ambassadors of the Jama’at.

The Naib Dil’a Qai’d, Bro Gafar,  also spoke on the responsibilities of a good Atfal to his God and parents as elders were also advised to make sure that the kids strive to be the best in conducts and observing prayers at all times.

Afterwards, the Atfals were given the privilege to play with some kiddies’ equipment at the mall.  They enjoyed the bouncing castle, rocket, water melon, train slides etc. There were lots to eat and drink for the kids as they enjoyed their time at the mall.

At the end of the event, the Dil’a Qa’id; Bro Muftau Hussein appreciated Almighty Allah for the success of the event and also thanked the planning committee, the Atfal handlers and the parents for their support.


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