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MKA Ghana Ijtema: MKAN sends two Representatives


By Munawar Ahmad

To honour the invitation and exhibit some brotherly relationship between the two neighbouring African countries, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria has sent two representatives to attend the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Ghana National Convention (Ijtema) held between 30th August and 1st September, 2018 in Bolgatanga.

The two delegates were Bro Munawar Ahmad, Naib Muhtamin Tabligh and Bro Hafees Adejumo from Osun State.

According to the report, the delegates left Nigeria on 28th August on Tuesday precisely 4:00 pm and got to Ghana the following day around 7:00 am and were received by Naib Sadr Admin.

The Ijtema started on Thursday 30th August, 2018 with parade and hoisting of flag. The Ijtema was graced with the presence of the Amir, Ghana; Minister of the Upper East Region, Regional Director for Chraj of Upper East Region and 12 foreign delegates from various African countries, Uganda (3), Mali (3), Burkina Faso (2), Cote d’Ivoire (2) and Nigeria (2).


The programme was done together with the Majlis Atfal Ghana and the total number of the participant was more than 3,000.

The welcome addresses delivered by both Amir and Sadr were based on the theme of the Ijtema “Self Reformation”. In his speech, Amir emphasized greatly on Ghana TV Licence and he instructed all Majlis members to subscribe for the TV Licence for the progress of their country. Besides, the Majlis members were also admonished on the importance of blood donation and at the end of the event, they donated more than 200 pints of blood and also more than 50 Khuddam subscribed for the TV Licence.

All the foreign delegates were given the opportunity to give their remarks which the Naib Muhtamin Tabligh used to deliver the Sadr MKAN’s  Goodwill message.

On Saturday, Tabligh Seminar was held mainly for the officers of Tabligh/Nao Mubain and the new converts. MKAN also participated in the seminar and gave their own submission on the way forward for Tabligh.

During the closing session, the Sadr Sahib gave the report on MKA-GH activities throughout the year based on figures and percentage.

According to Sadr’s report, the total number of Majlis was 14,500 while an average of 9.8% usually attend the MKAN programmes and meetings. Also, the total number of Atfal was calculated to be 9,761 in Ghana but 1,220 usually attends programmes annually.

Still on the report, the top achievement in the last two years    was the building of AIWAN KHIDMAT project funded by the Majlis Khuddam Ghana and they spent $350,000 to achieve that goal.

The Ghanaian Majlis also constructed eight mosques in some remote areas, mainly for the new converts at the total cost of $40,000.

The Majlis also had a certain donation for the humanity first at the ijtema; at the fund raising, more than #400,000 was realized in which the MKAN delegates also participated in the exercise too.

However, according to the delegates, the secrets behind the successes recorded by Ghana Majlis were: total obedience to the Khalifah, just as Huzur’s directives are followed strictly and unconditionally; total respect to Amir and Sadr Sahibs respectively; love of one another; little complaint about their shortcomings and always encourage themselves to do more on the right path; their hospitality may be second to none in African Jama’ats and their familiarities and the spirits of brotherhood are commendable.


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