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AMSA UI holds 1st APW


By Adesina Sodiq

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA), University of Ibadan Unit has held its Annual Propagation Week (APW) on 12th, 14th, 17th, 18th and 20th October, 2018.

The Unit started the APW with Feast (Kulu Jamia) among members where brothers and sister showed their prowess in cooking. Despite being the maiden edition, the outcome was wonderful and memorable which further strengthened the existing love and unity among the members.

On Sunday, 14th  October, the Unit organized a speech contest for members of Atfal and Nasirat among five Districts within Ibadan, namely: Apata, Monatan, Coca-Cola, Ibadan and Akinyele.

Also, on Tuesday 17th October, AMSA members made a visitation to the orphanage home “Bethlehem Orphanage Home”, located at Agbowo where different items were given to the orphans as  AMSA members interacted with some orphans and discovered that all of them have great ambitions. Some revealed to become lawyers, engineers and doctors, among other professions mentioned.

Furthermore, On Thursday 18th October, the Association visited the Fazl-Omar Ahmadiyya College at Adewunmi Lalupon, Ibadan for mentorship scheme. They talked to the senior students on life in higher institutions and subject combinations and also opened their eyes to other courses in higher institutions apart from medicine, law and engineering.

The students paid great attention and asked some questions pertaining to their future. The facilitators answered them judiciously; at the end, the school management including the students were happy and appreciated the Association.

On 20th October, a symposium which was aimed at providing practical solutions to the current predicament and absence of peace in the world and tagged “Global Peace: A task for the Youth” was held. The lecturer invited did justice to the topic.

Besides, Alhaji Egbami talked on “My Marriage, My Life” in a Rishtanatah (Marriage) programme.

The event has the presence of dignitaries: Prof. Abdullah Abdur Rahman; former HOD, Microbiology Dept., UI, Dr. (Mrs) Sherifah Wakeel; Mr Dikko; Magistrate Mudathir; Alhaji Sanni, Vice President Akinyele Circuit; Mrs Adewale and Bro. Abass Adebayo, State President Representative, among others.

Moreso, AMSA also held a picnic at the school botanical garden to round off the programme. It was an awesome experience and admirable as members played a lot of games such as Scrabble, chess and draft. They brought some goodies and drinks to entertain themselves.



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