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Empowering Youth: Ogun State holds Economic Summit


By Sulaiman Mikail

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun Ilaqa has held an economic summit to sensitize the youths on empowerment.

The State Qaid and the Organising Committee had invited a league of skilled individuals who are also into multiple occupations to teach the youths the juxtaposition of various occupations for the goal of creating wealth.

The moderator, Bro Ishaq Asuni, gave a brief introduction of the session by explaining the meaning of youth empowerment.

The first speaker, a teacher who has worked as system engineer, said his skill was gained at Computer Village, Ikeja. He also delved into cassava farming business to boost his income.

At present, he’s running both teaching and computer system engineer. He gave the following advice as to what can boost system engineer business: Advertisement- a tool that can boost business as far as system engineer is concerned; Presentation and Terminologies so as to show professionalism of a particular business.

The second speaker studied electrical engineering but at present he is into fish farming. He was collecting 9,300 during his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) period and he was awarded 100,000 when he finished his NYSC which really helped him in making the fish farming a successful one.

The third speaker is a lecturer at Federal University of agriculture, Abeokuta. Before he gained his present job, he was involved in a business that involves statistical analysis. According to him, for any student that will graduate, it’s a must to write a project and inside the project, it’s a must to analyze statistically. In order to achieve this, one only needs laptop and some other software package for the work. It’s a profitable business that can fetch huge amount of money.

The fourth speaker is into welding and tiling. He gave an advice that all working class members shouldn’t depend on their monthly income only. He also advised that all should consider perseverance and dedication as main tools to execute their businesses.


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