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Tabligh: Ogun State admonishes people on significance of welfare


By Sulaiman Mikail

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun Ilaqa has admonished members on the significance of welfare during a Tabligh lecture organized recently.

No fewer than 153 members attended the tabligh session which had the presence of Abeokuta Circuit Missionary, Muallim Sobur Kolade, Lecturer, Jamiatul Mubashireen, Ilaro,  Missionary Muhammadu Firdaos Ogundare; State Qaid, Bro Ibrahim Idris and Naib State Qaid, Bro Aiyelaagbe Abdul Jabbar.

The lecturer, who talked on the concept of Welfare, defined welfare as being good to all people irrespective of religion, age, creed and color.

He added that the Prophet said that each day two angels will descend on earth and one of them will seek the blessing of Allah on everyone who do not restrain in giving to those who do not have, and the other angel, will seek the wrath of Allah and the removal of the benevolence of risk on such other people who refrain from giving.

He further explained that there is nothing Islam forbids a Muslim to do to his neighbours who are not Muslim except Non-observance of the Janazah prayer. According to him, you must do everything to ensure the well-being of your neighbours, even when they are dead, you must stand up for their corpse.

He also said Muslims should always speak good of people.  The Holy prophet said, “If ye believes in the day of judgement, speak well of others or keep shut”.

He mentioned one of sayings of Hazrat Ali where he advised, “live well with your neighbours such that when you die, they never recover from your lose, and such that when you live, they are in search of your presence.”

He said there was a report that it would be good for a man not to have been born, than being a disgrace to Islam.

In conclusion, he said if someone needs our assistance, we should not just give any amount; don’t just render help. Render a substantial one. Again, any help you render that you, yourself don’t feel it, you have done nothing.



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