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Sadr MKAN, 200 youths attend Oyo State Annual Workshop


 By AbdulHakeem Mustapha

Sadr, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria, Engr Saheed Aina and not less than 200 youths have attended the 2018 MKA Oyo State Annual Workshop held at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Monatan, Ibadan between 28th and 30th September, 2018.

The programme, which theme was ‘Standing on a Moral Ground’, was declared by a former Oyo State Qaid, Bro AbdurRazzaq Okunlola.

Besides, the appraisal of 2017 Workshop and 2018 Workshop Orientation was anchored by Bro. AbdurRasheed Animasaun. In his remarks, he stated the event was meant to enlighten members on possible measures to liberate them economically without compromising their moral uprightness and to add to their body of the existing knowledge.

Moreover, group session/discussions titled “Where are you?” or “Where do you desire to be in 4 years? And Trustworthiness in Business Dealings were taken simultaneously.

In this session, participants were grouped into 3 segments viz: Employed, Unemployed/Students and Artisans. The Unemployed/Students were coordinated by a certified life coach, a mentor, an ex-banker, a tutor, a pedagogue, Pa Muhammad Giwa and the former State Qaid and a lecturer at the University of Ibadan where they sensitized members of each group on how to achieve their dream and fulfill purpose in life.

In the same development, the Artisans group was facilitated by Bro. Adekola Misbahudeen and Bro. AbdulHakeem Raji, an auto-mechanic and an electrician who are also elites. They discussed integrity and trustworthiness in business dealings which will foster the development of any trade. Worthy of mention is the moral aspect of life in accordance with business life as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

The symposium started with a panel discussion titled “Standing on a Moral Ground” which was chaired by Sadr. The panel comprised the Nigerian Army G.O.C. 2nd Division, Ibadan represented  by Colonel E.M. Mafuayi; the representative of the Nigeria Prisons, A.S.P. Hameed Tajudeen; the former Sadr, Bro A’Rafi A’Qadr; the Civil Society represented by Ambassador Popoola Ishaq; the Nigeria Police Force represented by C.S.P. Ibrahim Khalil and the moderator, Bro. Ibrahim Jafar.

In his introductory remarks, Bro Jafar pointed out that the purpose of the discussion was to explore different experiences of mainstreaming morality in national policies with a view to bridging the gap between morality and legal human rights obligations coupled with their implementation by the community.

In view of the growing security breaches and threats ranging from robbery, kidnapping to rituals in the country, the panelists are expected to properly educate participants on basic security tips and awareness, civil defence and life-saving skills as well as other security tips that may be required in the current challenging state of the country.

Amb. Popoola mentioned that each community has its own contribution to determine the success of such a state.

C.S.P Ibrahim Khalil made it known that maintenance of law and order, protecting lives and property and prevention of crimes are core functions of Nigeria Police, adding that citizens should also do the needful by observing their rights and follow the laid down rules and regulations so that the motto “police is your friend” will be a reality.

He recalled that the aim of the panel discussion hadn’t been to propose one single model for policies, rather to share good practices that could inspire communities in their pursuit of national polices and strategies for the implementation of morals.

One theme that had been emphasized by most participants was the need for national action to be based on participation, inclusion, non-discrimination, accountability and the rule of law. There had also been general agreement on the importance of engaging civil society and national human rights institutions in all stages of national planning and decision-making.

In the same development, a short paper presentation titled ‘Contemporary Security Challenges: Crime Prevention and Moral’ was delivered by Mr. Ademoye Toyyib where participants were sensitized on tactical steps to prevent trivial crimes, security challenges, problems currently facing our dear fatherland and C.S.P. Khalil Uthman talked on the topic: ‘Contemporary Security Challenges: Effective Strategies to Securing Self and Community’.

Muallim AbdulLateef Adelegan did justice to the theme of the program “Standing on a Moral Ground” by divulging into the Islamic teachings of moral, which is a strong factor that distinguishes a learned and religious person from others, while mentioning that our moral will be our guide in every situation we find ourselves.

Similarly, an empowerment seminar focused on educating members with practicable knowledge they can apply to make legal money with less hassles and few short trainings was anchored by Muhtamin Isha’at (Audio-Visual), Engr. Monsoor Adeagbo who exuberantly mentored participants on the need to rise and turn up to enterpreneurship, thereby stressing on technology as he practically showed some in his session.

In addition, participants were grouped into 3 for a book review session: Age Groups: Age 15 – 25 (Noah’s Ark), Age 26 – 34 (Way Of the Seekers) and Age 35 – 40 (Life Supreme)

Then, each group facilitator  presented the outcome of what was discussed with respect to each segment. While the workshop appraisal was anchored by Naib State Qaid (Special Duty II), Bro. Lawal AbdulKabeer, Communique was done by Motamad, Bro. Badejo Taofeeq.