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Omi-Adio District facilitates empowerment of member


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi-Adio Dil’a has facilitated the empowerment of a Khadim who learnt bricklaying after benefiting from an entrepreneurial skill.

The Majlis also held a graduation ceremony for him at Oke-Oloro Mosque.

In line with the empowerment drive of Sadr MKAN, Engr. Sa’eed Aina, the District held an empowerment seminar at the second quarter of 2017 and encouraged members to venture into an apprenticeship, especially those surviving on monthly paid menial jobs.

One of such member, Bro. Sarumi AbdulHakeem, was encouraged to take up learning bricklaying from a Khadim, Bro. Ayinla Ibrahim. With the Dil’a lending him the necessary support and his master, It was easy for him to become a certified bricklayer.

It was an absolute display of brotherhood when his master, Bro. Ayinla agreed to our proposal that the graduation ceremony be held at Oke-Oloro Mosque. The brother was celebrated as certificate was presented to him, while members prayed for his success.

Oke-Oloro Jama’at elders, where both the master and the apprentice belong, applauded Majlis Khuddam for making such laudable effort and urged it to do same for members who are still in this category.

The celebrant, Bro. Sarumi, was full of emotions while delivering his gratitude to his master and the entire Majlis Khuddam.


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