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Northern Tour: NS North, others visit Emir, Shagari family, members


By Abass Olagunju

Naib Sadr (North), Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria and other Mulk Officers have paid courtesy visitations to some northern states to inspire the Majlis members and carry out welfare and tabligh activities.

The team includes: Kano State Qaid, Bro. Tahir Abdulkareem; Abuja State Qaid, Bro. Muhammad Misbahudeen; Naib Motamad (North), Bro. Olagunju Abbas and some delegates from Kano Muqami.

The team paid welfare visitations to various Jama’at’s friends in the locality including the Emir of Kwatarwarshi, Alh. Ahmad Umar who has permitted a very peaceful co-existence of the Jama’at in the town.

The Majlis members in Kwatarwarshi, Zamfara State led by the Qaid, Bro Lawal Husaini, were very enthusiastic with the presence of the Naib Sadr and his delegates as this marked the first visit of the Northern Mulk.

They were enlightened and admonished to improve on various Jama’at and Majlis Khuddam activities: tree planting, blood donation, welfare week, stop the crime, chanda payment etc. and reporting same to the Mulk using the established channels.

The delegation proceeded to visit Sokoto Majlis. They paid the Sokoto muqami a familiarization and welfare visit. The members experienced a first time visit by Mulk members and were enthusiastic to share their challenges and efforts.

Then, a condolence/ tabligh visit was paid to late Shehu Shagari’s family at their residence as the first son and other family members received Majlis members.

A brief introduction on the Jama’at and Majlis Khuddam was given by the NS North who commiserated with the family on the death of the former President of Nigeria on behalf of the Sadr, MKAN.

Similarly, the team visited Sheikh Saidu Charanchi of Katsina State. Sheik Saidu, a popular and influential owner of an Arabic/ Islamic school.

The Sheikh, who recently signed bai’at, has pledge to spread the message of Islam-ul-Ahmadiyya to the best of his ability with his large congregation. He highly appreciated the visit of the Majlis Khuddam.


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