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Sadr attends Ogun State Secretariat Inauguration, urges payment of NS Fund


By Abdul Roqeeb O.

Sadr, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria, Engr Sa’eed Aina has attended the official inauguration of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun State Secretariat at Oke Oniye Abeokuta on 16th, March 2019.

The Sadr, who chaired the inauguration ceremony, urged all Majlis members to ensure the payment of MKAN National Secretariat Fund at the Headquarters with great zeal and commitment.

In his speech, Sadr Sahib gave kudos to the State Qaid and the general members for their efforts they made in gathering all resources and materials to build the secretariat.

Quoting the saying of the Holy Prophet ‘A group of people who gather together to build a place of worship will receive an excellent abode in the hereafter from Allah’, he encouraged members not to stop doing something great like this and keep enjoining people to do same.

Engr Alli advised the Majlis members not to turn the secretariat to a closed and deserted place, while urging the people to live around it so as to maintain it properly.

Furthermore, he advised that the secretariat must be made good use of and all Khuddam information must be present.

Conclusively, he said that the security must be very tight and all information concerning Majlis Khuddam must be inside the secretariat.

In his opening speech, the State Qaid, Bro.Idris Ibrahim, while giving thanks to Almighty Allah for the opportunity to witness the programme, said that the construction project commenced some years ago during the tenure of Dr. Taofeeq Sanni as the State Qaid, stressing that his efforts and contribution alongside his Amila members could neither be underestimated nor undermined, hence, acknowledgment was due to them.

He continued: ‘This Imarah (tenure) took up the challenge of completing the project to ensure that the efforts of the heroes past do not go in vain. The project received the support of Amila members, Dil’a Qaideen as a key player in revenue generation and all Ogun Majlis.

Quoting Allah in the Holy Qur’an that ‘Is there a reward for goodness other than goodness?’, Qaid said that he was pleased to announce to the members that the state secretariat of MKAN OGUN ILAQA was due for commissioning. He prayed that Allah make it a source of blessing and upliftment for all and sundry and make it serve the purpose for which it was built.



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