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Lagos State donates Blood to Collapsed Building victims as L/Island District visits, donates gifts to victims


By AbdurRoqib Akinyemi & Idris Ogunsola

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria, Lagos State has donated some pints of blood to the victims of Ita Faaji building collapse on 13th March, 2019.

 It will be recalled that on Wednesday 13th March 2019, a three-storey building collapsed at Ita Faji Area of Lagos Island which led to the death of 10 and left many injured.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that the responsibilities of Muslims are to serve Allah (swt) and also be helpful to humanity.

On Sunday, 17th March 2019, 60 pints of blood were donated to the victims of the collapsed building.

Before the incident, it was already a plan of the Majlis to have the donation as part of the activities highlighted for the State Convention held at Mahmud Ahmadiyya College.

The State Qaid, Bro. Shuaib Badmus, while granting an interview to the Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, said that Lagos Majlis members always donate blood to the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service in an effort to show love to the society and affirm the motto of Ahmadiyya: “Love For All, Hatred For None”.

He thereafter sent his condolence to the victims of the collapsed building, prayed for those who have died and that Allah (swt) restores sound health to the injured ones.

In a related development, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lagos Island District has paid a welfare visit to the victims of Ita-Faji collapsed building at General Hospital, Lagos Island on 22nd March, 2019.

The team led by the District Qaid, Bro. A.Hafees Babatunde deemed it fit to pay a welfare visit to the victims of the unfortunate building collapse.

The Medical Director’s Office received Majlis members warmly and handed them over to the social and welfare units for the inspection of gifts and visitation to the victims.

18 victims were visited; 16 were kids and nine were members of the Ita-Faji victims. Others were on admission due to one illness or the other.

All the visited patients were given donations and prayed for for Almighty Allah to restore their health soonest.

The Assistant Director of Social Welfare and Matrons on duty appreciated and thanked MKAN for the gesture.

In addition, Six Majlis members partook in the exercise alongside two Ansarullah and two Lajna members.



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