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Shun crime for your future sake, L/Mainland District urges Ansar-ud-Deen Students


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lagos Mainland District has urged the students of Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo to shun crime for the sake of their future during its Stop the Crime Campaign held on 3th March, 2019.

In his opening address, Alh. Fatai Bello said that if students shunned crime, it would help them in the actualization of positive goals in future.

While encouraging the students, he said that everyone who was determined and never gave up in his dream would definitely not give in to crime.

However, in the quest to make deeper meaning of the programme, Muavin Sadr II, Bro Idris Soyoye, one of the speakers, relayed a life incident, which he said, happened during his days in the secondary school.

Soyoye said: “first was a senior student who slapped a junior student who refused to give him “puff-puff”. The slap by the senior student led to the death of the junior”.

He further narrated that “…there was this student again who took natural drugs called “gegemu” with the excuse of playing soccer with it. It was this drug a friend of his took in overdose that led to his immediate death.”

These two incidents, he told the students, would help them to relate better on the need to ‘Stop the Crime.’

Sequel to the above, Bro. AbdulKabir Muhammad and Bro. AbdurRoqeeb Shittu (Somolu and Ketu Qaid respectively) elucidated further on what crime was and various ways to shun crime.

Bro Muhammad emphasized on crime common in student environments, putting it to students that some of them cheated their ways through during exams when they scribbled micro chips into the exams hall.

In a bid to proffer solution, Bro Shittu said it was necessary for everyone to keep good company. He talked about social media, saying that it has taken a bad turn on us because it was meant to be a blessing to this generation, but the reverse was the case.

The School dining hall filled with over 200 students including staff members of the school appreciated this initiative from the Majlis through their remarks.

Besides, the Principal, Mr T. O Adebayo said: ‘We are one and as youth, more of these laudable programmes are welcome by us.”



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