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Stop the Crime: Abeokuta Dil’a sensitizes 170 pupils, 10 teachers


By Nasir Abd. Ganiy

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Abeokuta District has sensitized 170 pupils and 10 teachers of Renaissance Nursery and Primary School, Olorunsogo Area, Abeokuta during its Stop the Crime Campaign held on 28th March, 2019.

The programme, which had in attendance five Majlis members, lasted for about 45 minutes following presentation by Bro. Abdul Salam Sodiq.

 The campaign was an interactive session while the presenter emphasized on the need to shun crime especially among young children.

In his presentation, he explained that crime starts from stealing from friends’ bags, copying another person’s assignment and cheating during examinations, among others.

He further explained that everyone must be contented with what they have and whatever their parents give to them so as to avoid begging of things from unknown person.

Finally, the head boy, on behalf of his colleagues, appreciated the organizer for their efforts and for the knowledge impacted on them as ambassadors of tomorrow.

Also, Mr. Owoyele and Mr. Jolaoso expressed their profound gratitude to the District for deeming it fit to use their school for such informative and educative programme.

The School Management promised to welcome the Majlis anytime the program was brought into the school again.



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