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AMSA EKSU holds post Ramadan Lecture


Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, Ekiti State University Unit has held its post Ramadan lecture at Iworoko Central Mosque on 9th June, 2019.

The lecture titled ‘Spiritual Lights and Blessings: Key to Transformative Ramadan’ was delivered by Missionary Jamiu Aina.

The Lecturer highlighted the blessings of Ramadan to mankind with injunctions from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith.

 Missionary Aina stressed the need for Muslims to retain all the pious acts they kept during the Holy month, while mentioning morality, modesty and chastity as true virtues of students on campus.

He concluded the lecture by admonishing members to marry when they are of age so as to shun immoral acts and practices and urge parents to give them their supports.

In their remarks, Alhaji Bada Mubarak, Igbemo Jama’at President and Mr Surajudeen advised students to uphold the teachings of the Jama’at and advocate its sustained existence on the institution.

Meanwhile, the Imam of Tijaniyyat Sect, Sheikh Afolabi Ridwanallah was presented with a Jama’at’s Literature as an effort to propagate the Jama’at.

In attendance are Missionary Adebesin Abdulquadri of Oloje Jama’at and Bro Abdulazeez Abdullateef, Ekiti State Qaid, among others.

A total of 48 people were present at the event with 12 AMSA members, 22 ​ guests including students, 12 Khuddam and 2 Ansarullah members.




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