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Amir, Chief Imams attend 5th Apata Ramadan Lecture


By Abass Adebayo

Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, Apata Chief Imam, Alh. Yisa Mustapha, Aba-Alaamu Chief Imam, Fadilatul Sheikh AbdulRasaq Okanlawon and other dignified people have attended the 5th Ramadan Lecture organised by Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata District at NCRI Field, IAR&T Bus Stop, Apata, Ibadan on 19th May, 2019.

The topic discussed was “Life and Death of Hazrat Isa(as)”. The topic, delivered by Muallim Muh’d Wa’iz Apooyin Sahib, was chosen to correct some misconceptions among people about Jesus (as).

The Amir, in his welcome address, expressed his thanks to Allah for making the day a reality, just as he commended the efforts of Apata District for the laudable achievement of propagating Islam-ul-Ahmadiyya.

Muallim Apooyin diligently dealt with the topic to the admiration of the audience who were held spell bound.

In his lecture, he gave some proofs from Qur’an verses and healthy Hadiths supporting the inevitability of death among people. Allah (swt) enunciated in the Holy Qur’an 3:145: “And Muhammad is no more than an apostle; the apostles have already passed away before him; if then he dies or is killed, will you turn back upon your heels?, And whoever turns back upon his heels, he will by no means do harm to Allah in the least and Allah will reward the grateful.”

In his analysis, Muallim Apooyin said the above verse lent credence to the existence of man, which also emphasized that Jesus(as) has died.

Finally, he emphatically stated that through the founder of Ahmadiyya and the Promised Messiah(as), Muslims have been exposed us to the light of the truth about the life and death of Jesus (as) from Qur’anic teachings and scientific proofs.

In addition, questions came from the listeners towards the end of the programme and were answered justifiably.

Other dignitaries who attended the programme include: Alh. G.O. Ajibike; Prof. AbdulRahman Abdullah; Apata Circuit President, Alh. Teslim Oniyinde; Sadr, MKAN, Eng. Sa’eed Aina; Apata Central Missionary, Maulvi Raheem Sodiq; Apata Circuit Missionary, Muallim Dhunoorain Bello; Pa Daud Dikko from Dept of Mathematics, University of Ibadan and Bro. AbdulAkeem Awelewa, among others.

At the end of the programme, 1,462 people were recorded to have attended the event.


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