Home Tabligh Ikoyi-Ile/Iresa-Adu/Ogbomoso District holds 2nd Annual Ramadan Lecture​

Ikoyi-Ile/Iresa-Adu/Ogbomoso District holds 2nd Annual Ramadan Lecture​


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ikoyi-ile/Iresa-Adu/Ogbomoso Dil’a has held its 2nd grand Ramadan lecture at Masifa D.C. School, Orita Naira, Ogbomoso on 12th May, 2019.

Through this preaching​ programme, the Majlis enlightend the public on the importance and purpose of Ramadan as a moment for moral re-branding.

Meanwhile, Muallim Muh’d Wa’iz Apooyin delivered a soul lifting lecture to the chagrin of the Muslim faithfuls.

Some dignitaries at the event include: Maulvi AbdulRasheed Thanni, Missionary AbdulWaheed Oladipupo, hosting Circuit Missionary, Oyo Circuit President, hosting Circuit President, Jama’at Presidents, Lajna Presidents and members from different Jama’ats.​

During the lecture, 43 Ansarullah, 56 Lajna, 29 Khuddam, 34 Nasrat and 35 Aftal members were in attendance.​


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