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Atfal IVC/Ijtema: Oyo State fetes children at Agodi Gardens, BCOS


By A. Akeem Mustopha​

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Oyo State has feted Atfal members at Agodi Gardens and the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) as part of Atfal’s Islamic Vacation Course (IVC)/ Ijtema programmes held at Islamic High School, Basorun, Ibadan between 5th and 9th August, 2019.

To widen their horizons about happenings in the contemporary societies as well as entertain and educate them, the Group One and VIPs were taken to Agodi Gardens, Parliament Road, Ibadan where they were privileged to witness the beautiful and natural creations of God and some animals like horse, donkeys, ostrich, etc.

Also, the Group Two and Three between ages 9 – 12 and 13 – 15 headed to the reputed TV and Radio Station, Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, (BCOS) situated at Ile-Akede, Orita-Basorun, where they were welcomed by Mrs Jemilah Elegbede, a journalist and an Ahmadi with admonitions on how to survive the pervasive challenges in the society.

In her words, she encouraged the kids to always read widely, as it will help them to know something about everything and everything about something, while encouraging them to be good in every ramifications because, according to her, it pays to be good.

Her words: “Whoever that is good, the light of Allah will be on such a person and will reflect on him/her anywhere. One must always put Allah’s first in whatever thing one is doing and must always be good ambassadors of Islam.”

Besides, the children participated in some educational events (Speech, Quiz, Qaseedah, Prayer of the Holy Prophet, Scrabble, Puzzle, etc) where representatives contested with one another in a bid to outvying themselves.

Similarly, other events such as Arm Wrestling, Table Tennis, Football, Taekwondo and lots more also took place.

In the same vein, Qur’an memorization and recitation competition reawakened the morale of the children to excel their counterparts.

Meanwhile, the children gave warmth welcome to Maulvi Sodiq AbdurRoheem and members of District III Lajna Imaillah who paid them a visitation.

The highlight of the programme was the symposium day on which Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya dressed in their sparkling white uniform and black trousers with cap and marched gently to the hall to experience the momentous event. The event was chaired by Professor Abdullah AbdurRahman, ably represented by Pa. Z.T. Ajimoti.

The symposium had its keynote speaker, Maulvi AbdurRahman Adewale who spoke on the topic ‘Salat’.

In addition to this, the career talk session was held to sensitize and guide the kids on different areas of study they could choose from to pursue. Those who counselled the children include Medical Doctor, Agric entrepreneur, Lecturer, Engineer and Lawyer who all did justice as to the path to follow in attaining desired goals.

Other highlight of the event was a novelty match held between the State Officers and the Nazimeen Atfal. The latter humbled the former in an exciting match out by Nazimeen Atfal in a novelty match.

The event was concluded with prize distribution to winners in each competition as well as the presentation of awards to SSCE students who made distinction in their WAEC.

Not less than 650 children participated actively in the event​.



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