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Ogun State Qaid graces District III Nasrat IVC/Ijtema Symposium


By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Ogun State Qaid, Bro Idris Ibrahim has graced the symposium programme of District III Nasrat-ul-Ahmadiyya IVC/Ijtema held at Ahmadiyya Science College, Jamia Ahmadiyya Ilaro.

 The State Qaid was welcomed by Ilaro Dila members led by the Dila Qaid.

In her welcome address, the District Sadr, Mrs Suwebat Odeyemi exhibited her profound gratitude and appreciation to the State Qaid for honouring the invitation and for the well-done-job by the Majlis towards the success of the programme.

While delivering his lecture on “Essence of Salat”, Muallim Haroon Idowu reiterated on the saying of the Prophet that “the first thing that will be asked on the day of judgement is Salat”.

He advised the children to be firm in their prayers and observe the five daily prayers humbly and at the appropriate time as ordained by Almighty Allah in the Qur’an.

He concluded by stating the health and spiritual benefit of Prayer as he quoted the Holy Prophet saying “In Salat, therein is an abundant cure and ailment”.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, the State Qaid appreciated the efforts of the District Sadr and other Executive for working tirelessly towards the success of the programme.

He urged the children to make positive use of those lessons learnt and to always obey the instructions of Allah and His Prophet accordingly.

He concluded by praying for the kids. He thereafter joined the guests to examine the cooking and hand craft competitions of the children.

The State Qaid later visited the Majlis Khuddam, who were with the Nasrat since the beginning of the convention. He admonished them to keep on doing the job as it’s a good way to serve Almighty Allah and also a condition for the acceptance of Prayer.

With the State Qaid were Motamad, Bro Saheed Idowu and Nazim Isha’at, Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde.


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