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Ibadan District organises Kids’ Camp at twelve Localities as Apata District shares pamphlets during preaching


By Toyib Adeoye  & Abass Adebayo A.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization, Ibadan District has organised a monthly camp for Ahmadi male kids at 12 different localities across Ibadan in September.

This monthly camp became imperative due to the rising need to constantly instill Islamic and moral doctrines in the ever-growing Ahmadi kids.

Worthy of note was the presence of Ahmadi male elders (Ansarullah) and Ahmadi women (Lajna) who were present throughout the programme at their respective localities and contributed to the moral training of the children.

At localities throughout the district, reports of a considerable number of non Ahmadi attending the camp was encouraging, hence, affirmed to the effective and efficient efforts put in place for the teaching of the kids.

The localities that organised the Camp for the month of September are: Agbokojo, 2 days camp, 8 kids and 2 handlers; Anfani, a day camp, 6 kids and 3 handlers; Asaka, a day camp, 16 kids and 3 handlers; Ashipa, 3 days camp, 20 kids and 3 handlers; Eyin Grammar, 3 days camp, 17 kids and 3 handlers and Felele, a day camp, 26 kids and 3 handlers.

Others are: Imalefalafia, a day Camp, 16 kids and 4 handlers; Kewulere, a day camp, 14 kids and 2 handlers; Liberty, 3 days camp, 40 kids and 5 handlers; Odo Ọba, 2 days camp, 15 kids and 2 handlers; Oke Ado, a day Camp, 14 Atfal and 1 handler and Oke Seni, 2 days camp, 5 kids and 1 handler. Hence, the total of 197 kids and 32 handlers were present at the camps.

In another development, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Apata District has shared Jama’at pamphlets during preaching exercise held along Kuola Junction, Apata, Ibadan on 11th October, 2019.

The exercise, accomplished by seven-man team, involved the distribution of pamphlets to the passers-by.

The pamphlets have some headings such as “What is Ahmadiyya?”, “This is Ahmadiyya”, “The Messiah has Come” and “Deliverance from the Cross”.

About 500 pamphlets were distributed at the preaching that lasted for more than an hour.



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