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90 Ahmadi youths attend Ogun Workshop, Welfare Grand Finale, Empowerment


Not less than 90 Ahmadi Muslim youths have attended the 2019 Annual Workshop/Welfare Grand Finale of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Ogun State held at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Egbe, Ijebu Igbo between 8th and 10th November, 2019.

The programme, which theme was ‘A Healthy Believer’, was declared open by the State Ahmadi Youth Vice President (Naib State Qaid, Special Duty), Bro Abdul Mujeeb Akewugberu.

The program started with a public lecture held at the venue of the programme by Missionary Abdullah Adeleke. He discussed fully the institution of Bai’at in Islam, saying that Bai’at in literal language means buying and selling, while in spiritual form it means the submission and sacrifice in the cause of Allah the Almighty and therefore the best bai’at is to follow the true path of Prophet Muhammad.

Moreover, Such person should not think about the worldly affairs alone but should also consider Al-Jannat his priority.

Furthermore, the appraisal of 2018 Workshop and Workshop Orientation was anchored by Bro. Sa’eed Idowu. In his remarks, he stated that the event was meant to enlighten members on possible measures to liberate them economically without compromising their moral upright, to add to their body of the existing knowledge and that members should keep remembering the state youth president’s (Qaid) father in prayer.

The main session started with a panel discussion titled “Cleanliness is Path of Faith” which was chaired by Youth President (Sadr Sahib), represented by his Vice (Naib Motamad Southwest).

The panel comprised the Circuit Missionary Ijebu Igbo, Missionary Qaseem Rufai, Missionary Abdul Malik Abdul Raheem, Missionary Lawal Toyyib of Joga Orile, Ogun State Nazim Atfal, Bro Habeebullah Omitola and the State Nazim Tabligh.

In the introductory part, the moderator, Missionary Abdullah Adeleke pointed out that the purpose of the discussion was to explore the outstanding qualities of beloved Prophet Muhammad on the aspect of cleanliness and what the Holy Qur’an says about it.

Regarding the nonchalance of Muslims nowadays, the panelist were expected to explain the benefits one gains from cleanliness both religiously and socially.

In the course of deliberation, the panelists made it known that faith in Islam means Iman i.e, having total believe in Allah against all other gods; cleanliness means purification of oneself physically and spiritually and having faith in another thing apart from Allah the Almighty is a total shirk and such faith can never last long.

Huzoor was quoted to have said in his sermon of April 2004 that Atfal needed to be clean all the time because if their place was always clean, it would make them more conducive, active in learning and will make them more vibrant.

In the same vein, Dr Shonde Abdul Rasheed presented a short speech on “Living a Healthy Life and Preventing Illness”.

In his speech, he advised all participants to be very careful of what they eat which could make or mar their longevity.

He continued that using unprescribed drugs, taking alcohol or using cannabis were very bad to human health because all these later resulted to heart damage and kidney.

Dr Shonde also said that members should be more careful in taking only carbohydrates foods because it leads to diabetes, adding that body needs glucose but it was not the only diet body needs.

He admonished the people to always wash hands after using toilet, a way we could prevent disease in our society.

Moreso, he advised the Majlis to eat regularly in order to prevent ulcer which damages the body system, be conscious of buying food, especially from food vendors’ shops, adopt the use of mosquito nets in order to prevent disease, drink more water regularly, avoid junk foods, eat vegetables regularly, take dinners on time and be more conscious in using drugs and self medication.

Similarly, an empowerment seminar, which focused on educating members with practicable knowledge on career talk and how to cope within the society financially, was anchored by Bro Monsur Adewara and Bro Nurudeen Adeywmi who mentored participants on the need to rise and embrace entrepreneurship, while stressing on agriculture investment.

Bro Monsur Adewara expatiated on prerequisites before a job: gender, are they male jobs or female jobs? Future of the jobs, which jobs will be unavailable in five, ten or twenty years?

Moreso, Bro Nurudeen Adeyemi advised members not to rely on salary but invest as it generates more profit at the end.

The programme was also made significant as graduation ceremony was organised for Alh Jamiu Oje, Naib State Qaid (Special Duty), Bro Adelakun Ajala, Abeokuta Dil’a Qaid and Bro Ojo Abdul Warith, State Nazim Khidmat-e-Khalq.

The Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ogun State, Bro Jabbar Ayelaagbe advised the Majlis to follow hook, line and sinker the directives of Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama‘at Nigeria during the Majlis Khuddam Shoora held at Ojokoro recently.



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