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Lagos Ahmadi Youths meet Amir, Ahmadiyya Community Nigeria


By Munir Sulaiman

The newly appointed Qaid (President), Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Lagos State, Bro. AbduRoqib Akintunde Akinyemi and his executives has met the Head (Amir), Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Nigeria and his executives at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Headquarters, Ojokoro, Lagos on 16th November, 2019.

According to the State Qaid, the meeting was scheduled in order for this new administration (Imarat) of Lagos State Majlis to familiarize its executive members with the head of Nigerian community (Amir) and his cabinet and also for it to key into the road map and vision of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Nigeria in line with the Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Worldwide, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s (atba) directives and the leadership of Amir sahib.

Alhaji Barr. Alatoye congratulated the new State President (Qaid) and his executive members, while imploring them to keep good contact with Huzur (atba) in all their dealings and ensuring that they have impact in Nigeria as a whole.

Bro. Akinyemi appreciated the privilege given by the national executive to hold the meeting and requested from the Amir Sahib that the Community (Jama’at) should kindly increase the scholarship scheme opportunity for members in pursuing their educational career most especially the less privileged Ahmadi youths in Lagos and Nigeria respectively.

He also requested that the Jama’at should encourage and facilitate early marriage in the Jama’at through Ahmadi male elders’s (Ansarullah) and Ahmadi women’s (Lajna Imaillah) deep understanding and cooperation.

The Naib (Deputy) State Qaid Administration and Motamad (Secretary), Bro. AbduRahman Ajani and Barr. Tahir Ahmad further requested for more clarification on how the Jama’at could help to facilitate Ahmadi youth who desires to study abroad and/or relocate permanently outside Nigeria, just as he pleaded for proper profiling of members of Lagos Majlis for relevant connections and job placements. However, he assured the Jama’at of absolute trust and transparency among members.

Responding, Amir stated that members should keep up consistency in their monthly scholarship fund contribution to allow more funds available for members to benefit more in the scheme. He encouraged members to be more dedicated to Allah and the course of the Jama’at positively and be proactive.

He further addressed that any member who is willing to travel outside the country for legal residency or educational purposes should endeavour to approach the appropriate department of the Jama’at as such assistance has always been opened and rendered at every point of need.

Moreso, he charged Lagos youths to be prepared and determined to complement the activities of the Nigeria Jama’at and way of doing things in line with the Ahmadiyya Global International practice and standard.

Lastly, Alhaji Alatoye stated that members, who are seeking employment or relevant connections from the Jama’at or influential members of the community, should profile themselves better and be of good character and above all, should ensure that their trustworthiness and integrity become undoubted.



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