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Ahmadi Youths from Abuja, Rivers, Kogi, Edo/Delta States also ride to promote peace


By Abdul Hafiz Amid

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Abuja, Rivers, Kogi and Edo/Delta States have also held their ‘Ride for Peace’ to promote mutual understanding and tranquility among people of various religious groups in their respective states on 10th November, 2019.

In Abuja, the Nigeria Police Force allowed Majlis Khuddam to hold the Ride for Peace exercise because of its peaceful behaviour.

Earlier, the Organizers has received a shocking news of refusal from the Nigeria Police Force that the Ride for Peace Peace event should not hold considering the security challenge of the Federal Capital City. But after putting few calls through the Commissioner of Police, who later admitted that Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Jama’at) was peace loving community, the event was approved to hold as scheduled.

The Ride for Peace began with the sensitization of Majlis members on how to comport themselves and run down of the rules guiding the riding of bicycles.

Members of the youths took to the street of Dutse, Baupma, Abuja with the distribution of pamphlet captioned “This is Islam.”

At least over 1000 new people knew about Ahmadiyya Jama’at and Islam in general while not less than 15 Majlis members took part in the exercise.

In Rivers State, eight Majlis members and one Tifl (Male child) participated in the Ride for Peace exercise which covered a-six kilometre distance at Port Harcourt.

During the event, 25 pamphlets were distributed to the residents of the community.

In Kogi State, Ahmadi youths took part in the Ride for Peace exercise, at Kabba Bunu on 23rd November, 2019.

The exercise was scheduled to hold on 10th November, 2019. Owing to the gubernatorial elections in the state, it was rescheduled for another day.

The Ride for Peace lasted for about one and a half hour and covered a distance of 2 kilometres.

15 Ahmadi youths (Khuddam), 5 Ahmadi male kids (Atfal) and 1 Ahmadi male elder (Ansarullah) took part in the exercise.

In Edo/Delta State, 50 Ahmadi Muslim youths took part in the Ride for Peace exercise in Benin City.

The annual exercise saw youths numbering fifty and more rode bicycles over a distance of eight kilometres in two and a half hours.

The youths seized the opportunity to covey the beautiful message of Islam to members of the public.

Ahmadi male elders (Ansarullah) including former Deputy President (Naib Sadr), SS/SE, Bro. Aminu Suleman also participated in the peaceful existence.

Other dignitaries that graced the occasion include: Maulvi Abdullatif Ilori; current Deputy President (Naib Sadr) SS/SE, Bro. Islam Mustafa and immediate past State Qaid, Bro. Abu Suleiman.

It was a colourful event as operatives of the Edo State Traffic Management Agency (EDSTMA) were on ground to coordinate; they dressed in their uniforms with two branded power bikes of the organization leading the pack while their official Hilux vehicle guided from behind.

Over 300 pamphlets of the Jama’at were distributed to the people in a peaceful manner as members of the public were amazed beholding such an organized and peaceful Muslim youths.

Some members of the public asked questions and were delighted at the responses they got.

Speaking to the media about the significance of the exercise, the incumbent Ahmadi Youth State President (Qaid), Bro. Tella A. Moshood thanked Allah for the grace to hold a successful programme.

According to him, it enabled Ahmadiyya youths keep fit physically even as they train members on spirituality and morality, adding that a plan was on ground to ensure a more elaborate programme following year.


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