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151 students attends Jamia Locality public lecture, as Ogun leader visits Ipokia District, charges sincere to Allah the Almighty


By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

151 students have attended first Ahmadi Muslim Youths Organisation (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) public lecture at Jamia Locality, on 1st February, 2020.

The lecturer, missionary Jubril Musaffar discussed on the topic “financial sacrifice”

He hammered that spending out of what Allah has bestowed on us is a way of showing gratitude to Allah and spending is always followed with abundance increment.

The honourably chairman of the event, the principal Jamia Ahmadiyya Ilaro, Maulvi Abdul Azeem Ahmad commented at the end that in the whole world, its only the Jama’at Ahmadiyya that spend in the course of Allah and encourage others to do so.

The lecture was brought to an end with the closing prayer.

In attendance was the president of Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) male wing, Bro Abdul Rokeeb Alaka and a state officer in Ogun state bro Ogunrinde Abdul roqeeb

151 student were in attendance both from hafiz class, ASTC, Jamia.

In another development, Ogun State Ahmadi youth leader pays welfare visit to Ipokia District members, charges members to be sincere to Allah the Almighty

The visitation occurred after his visit to Abeokuta District from where the youths leader continued his visit to Ipokia District and was welcomed by Ipokia District leader, the Ipokia Circuit Missionary, Muallim Ridwanullah Yusuff and other members.

During his visit, the State Qaid Sahib held a meeting with the members where he advised members to continue to strive in the cause Allah the Almighty and that, praying properly and regularly with good and pure intention is the real act of worship.

During the meeting, reports, progresses, challenges and way forwards for all MKAN-related activities were extensively deliberated.

The youths leader also charged members on the importance of early marriage saying that it keeps one away from the wrath of Allah, which may be incurred by engaging in adultery and fornication.

Thereafter he urged each and every member to be regular in their Tahjud as it aid quick acceptance of prayer.

The State Sahib concluded by​ enlightening the members on the importance of sacrifice and prayed for the members for Gods protection and provision.

Thereafter, the State Qaid and his entourage visited the former Ogun youths leader vice president, Bro. Sulaiman Mu’min of Ipokia Jama’at who lost his wife earlier this year.

The State Qaid Sahib prayed that may Allah the Almighty grant her Aljannat Firdous.

Likewise, the State Qaid Sahib also deem it fit to branch to the Nazim Ala, Majlis Ansarullah, Pa. Oyebo Nurudeen house and extended the word of peace to him.

Members of the youths leader entourage were; Bro. Sa’eed Idowu (NSQ Admin), Bro Abdul Mujeeb Akewugberu (NSQ Special Duties), Bro. Hamzah Okunnu (State MAL), Bro. Faruq Ojuola,( Naib Mutamad), Bro Adeyemi AbdulGafar (Nazim Khidmat-el-khalq) and Bro. Aliy Kushimo (Nazim Tahrik-e-Jadid) respectively.



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