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Agege District Ahmadi youths graduates five members to Ansarullah as Lagos youths leader visits Agege District


The Ahmadi Muslim Youths Organisation (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) Agege District have graduated five of her members to the elders forum of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Majlis Ansarullah Ahmadiyya).

The District Leader, Bro Lamina Bashir introduced the graduands whom he said have served best in their various Localities.

​The citation of the graduands were read by Bro Alaka Mahmud after which the State youths leader, Bro Abdur Roqeeb Akinyemi handed them to Nazim ala Ahmadi Male Elders (Majlis Ansarullah) Silsila Aliya Agege District, Pa Dhikrullah Bashirudeen.

Silsila Agege District warmly welcomed them into the fold of the elders with high expectations of selfless service to the cause of Allah​ and he administered the pledge of the elders forum on them for them to bear in mind the responsibilities ahead of them with emphasis on ensuring their children are well trained and integrated into the system of the Jama’at appropriately.

From his own end, the president Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Agege, Circuit Pa Owolowo admonished them to be of best behaviour and also surpass their achievement when they were in Majlis Khuddam.

The State youths leader, Bro Akinyemi Abdur Roqeeb who also graced the occasion seized the opportunity to enlightened members of Ahmadi Muslim Youths in Agege District to be more proactive when discharging their duties and also not to forget to be at the forefront because they house the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’at Nigeria and all it’s auxiliary bodies.

In attendance were the Circuit President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Agege,​ Pa Owolowo, Nazim Ansarullah Agege Dil’a, Pa Dhikrullah Bashirudeen, the State Qaid Bro Akinyemi Abdur Roqeeb, the Naib State Qaid Admin Bro Ajani Abdur Rahman, the motamad Barr Tahir Ahmad, the State Maal 2 Bro Akintola Salman and members of Majlis Ansarullah and Majlis Khuddam Agege Dil’a.​

In another development, Lagos State Ahmadi youth leader paid a courtesy visit to the members of Ahmadi youths (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) Agege District on 2nd February, 2020.

The State Qaid Bro Akinyemi AbdurRoqeeb who was recently appointed has been visiting Districts under his guidance enjoining the youths to support his administration by fulfilling all the duties expected of them as a Majlis khuddam.

More precisely, he asked after the welfare, individual members development and challenges facing various Localities under Agege District.

He furthered informed the members​ that preparation for the Ahmadi Muslim Youths Annual Convention (MKAN Ijtema) 2020 is on top gear and he would want all members to play their expected roles religiously.

With him during the visitation were the Naib State Qaid (Admin) Bro Ajani, the motamad Barr Tahir Ahmad and also the state Maal II Bro Akintola Salman.



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