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Tabligh: Ogun Ahmadi Youth enlightens community on need for Khilafat


By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Ahmadi Muslim Youth Organisation (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Ogun State has enlightened the members of the community of Oke Oniye, Abeokuta on the need for Khilafat during a Tabligh programme held on 11th January, 2020.

The lecture tagged “The Need for Khilafat in the Present Age” was delivered by Muallim Abdul Malik Abdul Raheem.

The lecturer quoted Suratul Imran, which says “And hold firm to the rope of Allah altogether and do not be scattered”.

Thus, he brought a similitude in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) prophesied that “Muslim Ummah will resemble Bani Israel as a pair of slippers resembles the other pair. The children of Israel will be divided into 72 sects and my Ummah too into 73 sects. All of them will enter hell except one sect which follows the Susannah of the Prophet.”

According to the lecturer, the first thing that caused the destruction of Bani Israel was that they disobeyed their prophets.

The second thing is that there was no love among them. They were divided into sects because of some reasons like passing blames on others; these caused disunity among the children of Israel.

He related this to the state of Muslim Ummah of nowadays. They behaved the way the children of Israel behaved which caused Allah to destroy and take away the mantle of prophethood from them owing to their disobedience and disunity.

The Scholar, while explaining habl “rope” of Allah, discussed Khilafat.
He said: “The institution of Khilafat is the third rope of Allah. The Khulafaa are those who come after the prophets to continue the unfinished works of the Prophets. Such as the khulafaa Rashideen​ that started with Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) and ended with Hazrat Ali (ra).

“This institution of Khilafat, if it had not happened after the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the splitting up of Ummah would have started immediately after his death. However, Allah chose Abubakar to continue guiding the Ummah to the right way as the Holy Prophet was doing when he was alive.”

According to him, the Holy Prophet Muhammad already made a prophecy regarding the institution of Khilafat that the line of prophethood will continue as long as Allah wish. Then will come the institution of Khilafat as long as Allah wish, then will follow by the ‘Mulkunjabbaarin’ (blood thirsty leaders). Then, it will be followed by Mujaddideen as long as Allah wish, then will be followed by Khilafat ‘alaa minhaaj nubuwwah (on the precepts of the prophethood).

The event was graced by 78 members.