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Ogun Majlis holds Stop the Crime Campaign in Ota


By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun State has held its Stop the Crime Campaign at Al-Alim Junior Secondary School, Iloye, Sango Ota on 30th April, 2021.


The campaign team-orientated 90 students and 4 teachers on the theme “Cybercrime”.

Besides, the team extended the exercise to the Car Park at Atan to educate the transporters, marketers, passengers and passers-by on the adverse effects of Cybercrime.

With nine (9) Khuddam in attendance, 40 people were reached and over 40 STC fliers were distributed to people during the exercise which lasted for about 35 minutes.

Moreover, Ogun Ilaqa held an online STC campaign and members were urged to share the Stop The Crime Campaign contents on their social media platforms. Hence, more than 100 members participated in this with over 500 social media impressions.

Among those who took part in the programme was the Naib Muhtamin Atfal (Southwest), Bro Mustapha Abdul Qudus representing the State; State Mutamad, Bro Onifade Habeebullah; Naib Nazim Tarbiyya, Bro Sulaimon Raheem; Naib Nazim Atfal, Bro Jubril Hakeem; Ota Dil’a Qaid, Bro Lawal Sa’eed; Ota Dil’a Naib Qaid, Bro Inuedo Muhammad and three other Khuddam.



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